Make International discount on Bouf

Make International is delighted and proud to be working with Bouf. They have a fantastic website which offers a top selection of gifts, fashion and homeware. With the festive season creeping ever closer now is the perfect time to get some early Christmas shopping done.

At Bouf you can find the wonderful Word Range, the Word Cookshop Range, the Punk range, everything is there! With work from legendary designer such as Keith Brymer Jones and Martin Wiscombe you can own top quality tableware at great prices!


This offer is limited in time so do not wait any longer! You will find our products on Bouf with a 25% discount! From gift mugs, to plates, to bowls, to jugs, Make International together with Bouf is proud to present a range of fantastic products at fantastic prices.


Make International exhibits at Pulse 2010

At 9:30 am this coming Sunday morning (6th of June), Earls Court will open its doors for the Pulse 2010 Exhibition. It is an event which hosts some of the most inspirational and leading names in contemporary design from the UK and around the world.

For some businesses and individuals it provides a launch pad for cutting-edge design and natural talent, but is an equally beneficial event for established British design. There are thousands of new product launches coming from over 500 top exhibitors many of which may not yet be on the high street. You can also find the brightest retail knowledge in a comprehensive seminar programme to help you get ahead of competitors. It really is a fantastic event to gain an understanding of what’s out on the market, what’s on its way there and what the general styles and themes are.

The event, which runs from Sunday 6th of June to Tuesday 8th of June, is a trade event. This means that you need to be able to prove you are a part of the retail trade so don’t forgot those business cards because spot checks are carried out at the event.

If you are considering going to Pulse 2010 but haven’t quite made up your mind to remember that if you are not pre-registered you will have to pay £20 entrance fee, so it really is worth signing up, even if you’re not sure.

Make International will be displaying all our product ranges and there will be some brand new products so it really is exciting for us. Keith Brymer Jones and the Word Range, Rachel Barker’s Scuba Range, the Fifties collection, the Baby range, the Heart and Star range and the Blunt project will all be there. Our ranges highlight some wonderful British design and designer led gifts which we can’t wait to share with you.

As the only London show in the summer, Pulse provides a unique opportunity to discover the brightest, profit-making products from British and international companies that you will not find at any other show in London this summer.

Make International will be based on Stand H – 24 and we look forward to seeing you there!

How to turn your broken ceramics into art

Many families have heirlooms which are passed down for generations. Some of these antique homeware and fine china pieces will go on to auctions and fetch good prices, others will get lost and others will meet an unfortunate end and get dropped or knocked over. Typically broken ceramic tableware or fine china will end up in the bin.

What a lot of people simply don’t realize is that the broken ceramic pieces can be given a new life as artwork. Homemade mosaics are arguably the most popular choice because it is easy to do and something many people did back when we kids either at school or at home.

Barack Obama Mosaic1) You need to look at the broken pieces of ceramic as raw material for art. Figure out how much area the pieces will cover and whether they’re small enough to work with.

2) Break up the bigger pieces carefully by placing them in a pillow case or sock and give them a gentle tap with a hammer. You need to have the pieces of ceramic small enough to lie flat on the surface to which they will be attached

3) Choose the object you will decorate. Consider a wide picture frame for pieces of smaller objects, a flowerpot or – if you have lots of pieces – the top of an end table.

4) Determine whether you have enough shards to cover the surface you’ve chosen. Remember that if you don’t have quite enough, you can fill in with pieces of another item or even small decorative tiles.

5) Purchase mosaic adhesive (available in most craft stores) and tile grout in any colour you like

6) Create your design by placing the pieces on the surface until you’ve achieved a pattern you like. Remove the shards to a work surface, preserving the design while you prepare the surface and the shards.

7) Make sure the surface and your shards are dust-free. Apply a thin layer of mosaic adhesive to the surface to be decorated and to the backs of the larger shards, then attach the shards to the object.

8) Apply tile grout to the gaps between pieces with a putty knife, a craft stick or your rubber-gloved fingers. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. Wait for the grout to dry, and your work of art is done!

Things you’ll need

• Grout Sealer

• Rags

• Tile Grout

• Rubber Gloves

• Hammer

• Putty Knife

• Rubber Mallets

• Safety Glasses

• Tile Adhesive

Potfest in the Park – The pottery fanatics paradise!

We are now in May which typically signals the start of the summer season. Some might say this is premature and far too overambitious. Perhaps it is, but fingers crossed it starts now.

Summertime’s in the UK have become pretty special. Families, couples and friends flock to beaches and parks all over the country. All we really want is the opportunity to feel like we are slap bang in the middle of the Mediterranean.

We have also rekindled somewhat of an obsession with Festivals. Live music really has become the staple of summer entertainment. Festivals like Glastonbury, T in the Park, Isle of Wight and Reading to name but some will entertain hundreds of thousands people in the UK. There are also thousands who will travel to Europe and even further to get their fix of their favourite band.

However, the summertime is also an opportunity for fanatics of arts other than music and exhibitions will be on show everywhere. If you so happen to be a fan or collector of tableware pottery or ceramics we have just the event to recommend for you – Potfest in the Park.

There will be over 100 exhibitors invited from all over Europe and beyond, all with very distinctive individual styles, all passionate about working with clay.

Hutton in the forestThe venue, Hutton-in-the-Forest, is a cultural destination in itself with its walled garden, topiary terraces and woodland walks. The homeware ceramics and pottery festival takes place in and around marquees in front of the castle, with the potters competition pieces on the lawn, next to ancient architecture and modern ceramics.

Hutton-in-the-Forest lies 5 miles northwest of Penrith, Cumbria on the edge of the stunningly beautiful Lake District National Park, which is well worth a visit itself.

Potfest - Clay warriors keeping guardEach year a special tent is dedicated to a different Continental pottery town. Last year 6 potters from Hohr-Grenzhausen in Germany were invited. This year’s special guests are from the association des Potiers Createurs de Puisaye from St Amand-en-Puisaye in central France.

The Hohr-Grenzhausen area was famous for its salt glazed stoneware whereas t he Puisaye region sits on a vast bed of stoneware clay and is in a heavily wooded area – hence the predominence of wood-fired stoneware.

For pottery enthusiasts this is the perfect festival in an area of incredible natural beauty. The Lake Distric National Park is arguably the finest piece of natural beauty in the UK, the perfect venue to display some of the finest pottery and ceramics the UK and Europe has to offer.

Potfest in the Park 2010 – July 30th /31st /August 1st
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday …10am – 5pm daily

Adults £5. Accompanied children free. Free parking

Please be aware that many of the exhibitors are unable to process credit card transactions, and the nearest cash machines are six miles away in Penrith.

Make International featured at Spirit of Summer Fair

Spirit of Summer FairThe Spirit of Summer Fair is a great opportunity for you to get into the swing of things for the coming summer months, with food, fashion, homeware, crafts, flowers all under one roof.

Whether you want to get ready for summer parties and barbecues, this is the perfect location to feel inspired and invigorated by the anticipation of the hotter weather and lighter evenings.

After a couple of disappointing summers the public really does have its fingers crossed for the perfect summer, which this year would be, regular sunshine and England winning the World Cup.

However well or badly we do, the World Cup brings a country together, united by a common cause to avoid going to penalties with any other team whatsoever and barbequing whenever possible.

Spirit of Summer Fair

London Olympia is home to the Spirit of Summer Fair once more for 2010, featuring super stylish summer shopping boutiques, with everything you could need for a long hot summer. This year the fair brings together the best of this season’s fashion, gifts, gourmet food and wine.

Homeware and tableware by Make International will be on show with a number of exhibitors including ‘Cape Henley’, ‘Delicious Home’ and ‘Heart and Parcel’. We are delighted that they will be sharing some our products will everyone at the event and we hope that all exhibitors and visitors have a great few days.

Summer food and wine

Spirit of Summer Fair - Food Hall 2009The classic cuisine for summer is of course the picnic, and the 2010 Spirit of Summer Fair you can sample the delights of Mossimann’s, as they combine a fresh and seasonal menu with excellent wines and Champagne. The Food Hall will also whet your appetite for the summer with fantastic ingredients for your parties and picnics.

Get into the spirit

Throughout the weekend of the fair, Spirit of Summer Fair workshops offer you the chance to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. Lead by experts in their field, you can get inspiration on alfresco dining, create flower arrangements, try out cocktail making or indulge in Champagne tasting.

Essential Information

13 – 16 May 2010

Grand Hall, Olympia Exhibition Centre, Kensington, W14 8UX

Where to find Make International products:
Cape Henley – Stand Number C22
Delicious Home – Stand Number C38
Heart and Parcel – Stand Number E56

Opening Times
Thursday 13 May 10am – 6pm
Friday 14 May 10am – 6pm
Saturday 15 May 10am – 6pm
Sunday 16 May 10am – 5pm

Booking line – 0844 412 4623

In addition there are Premium tickets available. For more details please click here

Egg cups make it to the shortlist for Gift of the year!

Giftware Association - Short listed Gift of the YearWe are absolutely delighted to announce that one of our products has been shortlisted as a potential winner of The Giftware Association Gift of the year.

The egg cups are beautifully designed by Keith Brymer Jones and forms part of the extensive ‘The Word range’, which has a very clean and relatively minimalist design throughout.

Having a set of egg cups which are always asking the question ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg’ will always make yours breakfast thought provoking. But equally important is the functionality of the egg cup, because if you have ever tried to eat toasted soldiers without an egg cup it is a nightmare, and a guaranteed way to ruin your morning eggs.

For some however the business of egg cups is a very serious matter. The humble egg cup is actually a collectible item which has its own term – Pocillovy – which derives from the Latin pocillum for small cup and ovi for eggs.

There are newsletters for egg cup collectors from “Eggcup Collectors’ Corner” in the U.S. and, “Egg Cup International Club” in UK. There are also egg cup conventions for collectors here in the UK, with some antique egg cups being valued and going on to sell at auction for hundreds of pounds.

Toasted SoldiersThere may be a good explanation as to why there is such a fondness for egg cups around the world. Many children growing up are introduced to something we call ‘toasted soldiers’. If you are not sure what that is, the picture should answer your questions.

Hopefully it is clear that eating this meal as a child was great fun and if you think back you might even remember the very egg cup you used as a child, which is why many associate egg cups with childhoods.

In addition, egg cups actually go way back! An early silver egg cup was found in the ruins of Pompeii! In Europe, the egg cup has been used since at least the 15th century as part of breakfast, which technically makes it much older than the ‘full English breakfast’, which is actually heavily influenced by America and really exploded in popularity after the Second World War.

Healthy junk food does exist!

At a young age, we learn that to grow up big and strong you have to eat your greens. Turns out pop-eye was right all along!

Unfortunately, for many people there is no pleasure in doing this whatsoever, which means it doesn’t happen, even if you have to bribe your own children with gifts it can still be tough!

However what if we told you that there is food out there which you might typically categorize as junk food, but is in fact healthy! And hopefully the kids won’t smash the designer tableware in disappointment.

In all seriousness, the following foods are not bad for you!

1) Popcorn

Make InternationalThis humble cinema snack could prevent cancer and help dieters.

A study presented last August to the American Chemical Society suggests the real health benefits could lie more in its ‘surprisingly large’ polyphenol content, antioxidants thought to mop up free radicals, the potentially damaging chemicals that cause diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Next time you are sat at home watching a DVD with your big bowl of homemade popcorn, enjoy it. After all it’s healthy!

WARNING: You will immediately negate any health benefit of popcorn by overloading with salt or sugar!

2) Peanut Butter

Make InternationalPeanut butter is one of the richest sources of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.  It’s also low in saturated fat and an excellent source of protein to keep you feeling full for longer, fibre for bowel health and foliate which can protect against colon cancer and heart disease.

The nuts are thought to help reduce inflammation in the body and boost the health of blood vessels around the heart. In fact, Harvard Medical School researchers recently reported that snacking on peanut butter five days a week can nearly halve the risk of a heart attack.

3) Baked Beans

Make InternationalFor many British people Heinz Baked Bean is a national institution. They were first launched in 1886 and have been with us ever since. They are a key element of a traditional English fry up and other dishes such as baked potato and beans.

The humble baked bean is a nutritional powerhouse of protein, fibre, iron and calcium. Its combination of high protein, which also keeps your muscles and bones healthy, and low-GI carbohydrates, which release their energy slowly, keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Tinned baked beans can be quite high in sugar and fat so we recommend that you choose the low sugar, low salt varieties.

4) Russet Potatoes

Make InternationalA Russet potato contains more potassium than a banana, which helps prevent high blood pressure, is a great source of soluble fibre which helps maintain bowel and heart health, and has no fat or cholesterol. In fact, one baked, medium Russet has only 135 calories and around a fifth of your recommended daily intake of protein and fibre.

A U.S. study which compared the antioxidant content of fruits and vegetables found that the Russet potato had a total antioxidant capacity of 13.2, ranking higher than carrot, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, radish and even tomato.

Frying the potatoes or drowning them in butter or cream will not do you any favours. Boiled, mashed, or roasted is your best bet.

5) Pork Scratching

Make InternationalThe bar snack we all want to have but are too embarrassed to ask for is actually packed with goodness.

Two-thirds of all its fat is actually mono and polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for heart health, with 13 per cent of its fat coming from stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that doesn’t raise cholesterol levels.

One 20g bag contains 2g more protein than an egg, or about a fifth of your recommended daily allowance. They also have very little sugar and just 0.3g carbohydrates in a packet.

The main health concern is its salt content, so moderate your consumption.

6) Nutella

Make InternationalMum and Dad, you can now feed your child Nutella with a clear conscious because it contains lecithin, a soy extract that is high in protein, calcium and iron, protecting your bones, boosting energy and helping you feel full for longer, says dietician Dr Sonia Kakar.

‘It’s also lower in calories than many jams, is lower-Gi for slower-release energy and contains calcium from skimmed milk for healthy bones.’

‘Nutella is high in sugar and fat, so intake should be moderated,’ Dr Kakar says

7) Cheddar Cheese

Cheese provides 25 per cent of the calcium in the British diet, according to the British nutrition Foundation.

Make InternationalCheddar also contains a large amount of other essential nutrients such as phosphorous for strong teeth and bones, zinc for healthy skin, a strong immune system and fertility, riboflavin and vitamin B12 for energy and vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes.

A cube of cheddar after a meal will neutralise the acids in your mouth and increase saliva production to aid food clearance, both of which help prevent tooth decay.

But its high fat content means eat in moderation.